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June 10, 2014


It's been a while and there is a lot to go over regarding RIDE and RUN 542.  

In short, after 11 consecutive years...we are taking a year off from hosting the event in 2014.  I've gotten a lot of amazing support over the years and demand for the event is as high as ever...but life also plays its cards sometimes and this year those cards trump.  We are postponing the event for 2014 with a commitment to bring it back, full scale, in 2015.  

In 2015 we'll work to bring back the closed road, create an Electric Bike Division, expand the run options and courses, offer a deeper prize purse for both the ride and run, dial in more of the logistics and we're looking to bring in a new international production partner. 

So again, we are bummed to miss a year of Festival 542 but it's time to take a little break to recharge and refocus our efforts.  We already have the new 2015 artwork by Trish Harding...and it's truly spectacular!!  

There is nothing better than riding up the Mt. Baker Highway on a bike, without  cars, without looking over your shoulder, without fear of 40 ft RV's sideswiping your head.  Well, I take that back...the only thing better is riding down with those same benefits and freedoms.  The road should, for a few hours on one day a year, be for those that want to earn the view, earn the sweat, earn the joy of coasting back down.  It's your it, ride it, enjoy it.  


...please continue to Ride & Run 542.

...please continue to support the many local businesses along the route. 

...please ride safe and be careful out there.

...please continue to prepare for won't want to miss it!  

A little more detail on what's been going on: 

Over the last 4 years I've worked on numerous international events and launched a new company 

On the events side, I annually work as operations staff on the Amgen Tour of California and the USPRO Challenge, as well as several others events. There is a lot of operational experience to bring to the table that will help make Festival542 the event we've always dreamed of.  Inclusive, challenging, beautiful, organized, safe, fun and the right thing for the area and region.  

In 2011, I also helped launch a new company, Cirrus Cycles.  Over the last 3 years we've brought to market our new innovative isolation seatpost called BodyFloat.  The cycling world is opening up and accepting our new and simple technology.  BodyFloat is being touted as a breakthrough product that finally bridges and enhances the comfort and performance of any bike you put it on and any rider you put it under...all without energy loss or bounce.  It's infinitely tunable, contains no damping, and allows the rider to create any feel they desire. Adjust to perform like a Ferrari, a Subaru, a Cadillac, a cruise choose. The reviews are rolling in...BodyFloat works and exceeds all expectations.  Do yourself, and your butt a favor, please check it out...I promise that it will blow you away.  And the better the bike...the better BodyFloat works.  Cirrus and BodyFloat will be a big part of the 2015 Festival542.  

Again, thank you for your patience, your continued support and for believing in Festival 542.  I will miss herding cats at 7am in Glacier, enjoying Wake-n-Bakery coffee, welcoming you to the summit at Artist Point, giving away a ton of swag, and enjoying our post event frosty beverages at Milanos, Grahams and Chair 9.  But it will happen again soon.  

All the best.  We can't wait to welcome you to the summit again in 2015.  

Charlie & Cathy and crew


2013 Mount Baker Hill Climb
Sunday, September 8, 2013 
Thanks for a great 2013 Hill Climb! Please see the Director's Note for a summary of the event.

2013 Mount Baker Hill Climb results

2013 Mount Baker Hill Climb photos

(Photos by Hovde Productions)


2013 artwork  


Artwork By: Trish Harding,

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