If you’re new to hiking, you may wish to consider purchasing a hiking watch. A hiking watch is an ideal way to not only track the time of day, but they also offer a variety of other features that can be vital to your safety as you hike.

Some of the features that you’ll want to consider in your new watch are a barometer, altimeter, compass and even a thermometer. The Barometer will help you to track the weather. If you’re out hiking and a storm pops up you won’t want to be caught off guard. Such watches have been reviewed over at Hikingtier.

Mountain storms can pose serious dangers and if you can predict what is going on in the weather you may be able to protect yourself and your fellow hikers from danger. If you’re able to seek shelter in time you may be able to avoid flash flooding, heavy snows and high winds that can wreck havoc on your hike.

If you purchase a watch with a storm alarm, you can be notified that there are serious weather changes ahead. This can be very helpful for everyone in your hiking party. Not everyone will require the specialized watch, however, if a few of the hiking party have one it can be very beneficial.

Altimeters are ideal for letting you know what your altitude is. They will let you know how far above sea level you are when you’re hiking. For anyone who struggles with higher altitudes, this may be very helpful.

A compass will help you in your navigation and direction. If you’re unsure of your direction you may inadvertently take a wrong trail. Wrong trails can be very dangerous if you aren’t sure where you’re going or how rough the terrain ahead is going to be.

Another benefit of a hiking watch is that today’s versions often have a GPS with them. This is ideal for tracking where you’re headed, or where you plan to head.

You can program the coordinates in of your location and destination and get exact directions to where you’re going. While this may take a bit of the element of landmark navigation out of your hike, it may also help when you get to a trail with an unexpected fork that you’re unsure of.

Hiking watches are available in a variety of shapes, styles and price ranges. Most of them are waterproof to a degree and have rechargeable batteries.

When you first get your new watch, it’s important to learn how the various features on your new watch work. It won’t be of any use to you out on the trail if you’re unsure of how to work the features.

Take the time to read over the brochure that comes with your new watch and learn how to operate it properly before you need any of the specialized features. You’ll appreciate this much more when you’re out on the trail and need to get some detailed information and can do so easily without having to try several different things.