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Body Float Angle ViewCirrus Cycles - BODYFLOAT


Creating comfort and performance for any rider, of any ability, on any bike.      

Cirrus Cycle’s flagship product is locally-manufactured in Bellingham, WA. The Cirrus BodyFloat will provide the entire cycling market with a new, patent pending technology that revolutionizes seat post suspension and changes the rider/suspension paradigm.   Cirrus Cycles will gradually release additional innovations and branded merchandise to the world-wide market.  The seat post suspension market is populated by a limited number of companies worldwide, as the technology for a successful, high-performance and lightweight system has yet to hit the market…until now, this isn't suspension it's BodyFloat.   

What are the Benefits?

  • SWEET SPOT  BodyFloat™ travels vertically within an adjustable and friction free ‘sweet spot’ that isolates the rider from vibration and road shock, virtually eliminating terrain features felt on a standard seat post.
  • COMFORT & PERFORMANCE The BodyFloat™ improves rider comfort on any bike while maximizing pedal-stroke efficiency and energy conservation.
  • CONSISTENT GEOMETRY BodyFloat™ travels vertically and does not change the geometry of the bike, maintaining perfect seat alignment.
  • TRACTION CONTROL The BodyFloat™ increases traction and cornering performance.  It allows the bike to maintain consistent contact with the ground while riding increasing  road feel and rider confidence.


  • INFINITE ADJUSTMENT The BodyFloat™ can accommodate any rider of any weight by switching springs and setting your pre-load to find  your perfect sweet spot.

Who would use the Body Float for?  And where?

  • Commuters: On and off the bike?   Packs, panniers and shoulder bags?  Rough roads and curbs?  Yup.
  • Travelers: Bring comfort and performance with you...anywhere.  Compact, light & functional.
  • Kids/Youth:  Suspend those little bouncing bodies...just swap out the springs as they grow up.
  • Adventure/Touring: Doing extended time in the saddle?  Give your butt, back and body a rest.
  • Cyclocross & Mountain biking:  Sit down, power up and ride more...with less effort. 
  • Triathlon/Multisport: Conserve your energy by reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.  
  • Racing/Training:  Improve pedal stroke.  Improve endurance.  Improve power.  Improve results. 
  •  Gym: Add Body Float to a stagnant stationary bike to introduce comfort, efficiency and fun in the gym.
  • Recreational Riders: Simple comfort for those who simply want to relax on the bike with no stress, no bumps, and no vibrations! 

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter Campaign!

Exeperience Body Float at Events and Trade Shows

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