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Love Is simple Yet So Complicated

Love Is simple

Love is one of the most commonly known words. Starting from the birth to the last of his breath, a person demands love. Such a simple and commonly known word is extremely sophisticated in reality. Why do we desire to love? What is love? Every human being including me wants to know the answer of this neat and simple question. Love for me is a priceless feeling that completes one’s meaning in this life. Without love, we feel vulnerable and exposed. Love makes a person whole.


There are different types and forms of love. Love quotes for him are tolerance, Love is caring. It is the kindness. It means to learn the likes and dislikes of your partner. Love means action. Love means giving. Love is to know that it is your job to make your partner feel complete, safe and satisfied. Love is providing. Without love, this life doesn’t make any sense.

Love Is So Complicated

Love is such a powerful element. The greatest sacrifices and the greatest sins have been committed in this world in the name of love. Love is so powerful that one truly desires to go to any length for it, either good or bad.

No man or women in this world is perfect. Have you ever wonder why you love your partner so much even after all his or her imperfections? It is because Love truly is blind. Love doesn’t care what race you are from or what religion you have placed your faith in or what imperfections you have. Love compresses all this sophisticated reality and life into a single beautiful feeling. Love is hope and love is the only thing through which we can understand God’s ways.

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Never give up on love. Start by sending beautiful love quotes and wishes to your loved ones because this life has no meaning without the warm embraces of lover.

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